What is the most important in your life?

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Published: 19th August 2010
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It is generally known that clothes play an important role in our daily life. Clothes, together with food, house and transportation are called the most important thing that we can not loss. People can not live without them.

However I consider the clothes are more important among them. Try to imagine, without clothes, can we go out of our home, can we take transportation and appear in public place?

Of course, you will say I can live without clothes. I think he may be an ancient person. In ancient time, people can live actually even without clothes.

However, nowadays, any one who live in modern society must not live if you out of clothes.

Nowadays society is a civilized society not as the ancient days. Now, people can endure hungry but can not endure living without clothes. People can endure the condition that he did not have a house but can not live without clothes. Because of without house, you can live in the street or other place. Any one place you can sleep. But if you have not clothes to wear, what will be happen? You can not face to other people, you can not do anything. Donít you think so? People can also live without transportation, because we have our legs, we can walk depend our legs even if there is not bike, bus or car. But we can not live without clothes.

Clothing is so important actually in our life.

While, today, the species of clothing are so many, different clothing brand, different style, different price, different colors showing in front of peopleís eyes. The famous brand, have Herve Leger , Levis, Only, LAMIU and so on. Not very famous clothing is much too. One person no matter what a person he is, wealthy or poor, is capable of buying clothes. Wealthy person can buy the luxury product, for example, Herve Leger dresses, PRADA, Dior or other famous brands. Not wealthy people, the ordinary people, we can buy the clothes which are not very expensive even the cheapest one. For many ordinary people, they do not pursuit the luxury, they fell the simple clothes is the best in their heart. I wear the cheaper clothes not famous brand, but I can be a beautiful girl or a handsome boy. So long as my clothes is clean, is tidy, is comfortable. The luxury clothing is prepared for the wealthy person.

In fact, no matter who are you, a wealthy person or an ordinary person even you are very poor, you must acknowledge a fact that is people can not live without clothes.

So, friends, do you agree with my thought?

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